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Australian Guild Music & Speech Examination Board

The Australian Guild Music & Speech Exam Board was founded in 1969 and it is one of the oldest & most established provider in music and speech performance in Australia.

It is non-profit, fully accredited public education institution, committed towards providing accredited and internationaly acclaimed qualifications in music and speech throughout Australia and worlwide.

What we offer...

* Internatianally recognized Certificates, Diplomas &   Degree.
* Recognized by the Goverment of Australia and        Malaysia.
* Highly qualified and well trained foreign examiners.
* Entry requirement for many Australian and world       wide universities.
* Well qualified and experienced consultant panel.
* Island wide registered teachers.
* Quality study meterials.


Suwani Rodrigo

Srilankan Representative
Managing Director

Janasri Silva

Director of Education at Department of Education, Sri Lanka.

Speech Consultant

Devanka Peiris

LLM, MSC, MBA, MA(Hons), M.Div(Hons), BA (Hons)
FVCM(Hons), ATCL, ALCM, AVCM(Hons), DipLCM, DipVCM(Hons)

Speech Consultant

Gayani Nissanka

B.A. Humanities, ALCM(Teaching), ATCL(Per), LAMDA(Gold),Eng. Dip BTEC

Speech Consultant

Inali Rodrigo

B.A. Humanities, ATCL
Visiting Lecturer at University of Kelaniya


Lasantha Fernando


Music Consultant - Piano 

Anton Dias

BEd, BSc, AMus,LVCM(Hons)
Visiting Lecture at Univercity of Performing Arts

Music Consultant - Theory of Music 

Prasanna Sanjeewa


Music Consultant - Guitar

Why GuildExam

Internationally recognized certificates are issued


Internationally recognized certificates

Internationally recognized certificates are issued.
Recognized by the Government of Australia.
English Communication Examinations from kindergarten to diploma.


Highly qualified and well trained examiners

Highly qualified and well trained British and Australian examiners.
Extensive repertoire selection in music practical Examinations.
GuildExam is the first examining body to offer candidates and teachers the concept of “Own Choice” in any practical subject.


Entry requirement by many Australian and world wide universities

Recognized as an entry requirement by many Australian and world wide universities for higher education for those who are willing to study abroad.
Workshops by British and Australian examiners.


Save money & Friendly environment

Save money without buying our practical books as you have the "Own Choice" option in music.
Affordable exam fees which everyone can reach.
Online exams as well as face to face exams.
Online exams at anytime and anywhere. 
Ensemble exams in music in which you can play with your friend/friends.
Two options for music practical exams as "Grade exams " & "Level exams ". In "Level exams " , the candidate has to play only the pieces without any technical work.                               


All Qualifications are recognized and validated by the Australian Government

Certification of quality from the state government of Victoria

The Department of Education and Training of Australia from the Gorvernment of Queensland

Queensland Curriculem & Assesstment Authority


The AGME Bachelor of Music is a fully accredited Australian Online Degree.

Australian Tertiary standards Regulator



DoReMe school of Music is a leading institution for Music,Speech & Drama since 2006.We have been sending Music and Speech exams for years under the name DOREME School of music.

Now it has been changed as Australian Guild Academy

  • Professional Trainers - We have experienced teachers who are qualified in MA, BA, FTCL,LTCL, ATCL, LMus,AMus, BSc
  • International Certifications - Australia Guild Music and Speech Examinations.  
  • International World wide Festival - Somerset Festival, Australia.

Australian Guild Academy teaching panel

Meet Professional Trainers

Sri Lanka Representative for  Australian Guild Music and Speech Examination Board.

Registered Teacher of Australian GuildExam Sri Lanka Centre.
Trinity College London Registered Teacher,
BA, ATCL,  Examiner of Western Music at Institute of Music, Speech and Speaking Skills, Colombo

Registered Teacher of Australian GuildExam Sri Lanka Centre.
Trinity College London Registered Teacher,ATCL(Perfomance), ALCM(Teaching), LAMDA(Gold Medal),B.A. Humanities, Dip in BTEC


Bsc(Hons) in IT,
DoReMe Registed Teacher


Registered Teacher of Australian GuildExam Sri Lanka Centre.
Former teacher at St. Thomas International College
DoReMe Registed Teacher

Registered Teacher of Australian GuildExam Sri Lanka Centre.
DoReMe Registed Teacher

BEd, BSc, AMus,LVCM(Hons)
Visiting Lecture at Univercity of Performing Arts

ATCL, Gold Medal(Speedch & Drama)

ATCL, Lamda Gold Medal
Teacher of Gateway College



Australian Guild Concert 2023
Ms Helen Little Speech
@ Nelum Pokuna International Stadium

Australian Guild Concert 2023
Chief Guest Dr. Rohana Weerasinghe
@ Nelum Pokuna International Stadium 

Australian Guild- Special Discussion with Ms. Helen Little, Mr. JanaSri Silva and Ms. Inali Rodrigo
@The Sri Lanka Rupavahini (SLRC) Corporation


Australian Guild of Music Education
Head Office, Level G
376 Victoria Street, 
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Campus Level 2
376 Victoria Street,
North Melbourne VIC 3051

TEQSA Provider ID : PRV12114
ABN : 84 413 249 965


+94 71 7333231
+94 71 8130060



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